What Kicker Was Doing the Week Ending 2008-12-28

Mmm…snackbot. http://tinyurl.com/8rsgwh # A small new wind turbine that can be mounted directly on a building: http://tinyurl.com/7pnnuk # It’s very odd to see the nearly desk-less Kicker office. Old desks given away, new desks waiting to be assembled in the new year. # Dan’s article…

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Review: How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer

I have to admit: I don’t follow the latest in graphic design, and don’t know many of the big names in the field. So a lot of the people Debbie Millman interviews in How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer were new to me, but no matter; they are fascinating interviews nonetheless.

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New blog post: Eyes on the Road! Or why my car should NOT be a giant smartphone on wheels: http://t.co/O4Z8OJ3N6S4 hours ago