The Best Design Blogs of 2008

It’s that time of year when magazines and pundits start putting together their Best of Year lists. Amateur pundits that we are, we decided to do one for the blogs we liked.

Here was our criteria:

  • the blog had to be publishing for most of the year
  • the blog had to be regularly updated
  • the blog had to have information or critique we couldn’t get anywhere else
  • the blog couldn’t only obnoxiously plug products or a company

Without further ado, the list (in no particular order):

Touch Usability. Kevin Arthur, a usability specialist at Synaptics, covers this area better than anyone.

Ars Technica. The source for industry information on everything from mobile to interactive environments.

Swiss Miss for her stream of cute objects.

Putting People First for consistently finding the best stuff.

Adaptive Path’s blog. A company blog that works, especially good on design research and strategy topics.

Graphpaper. Christopher Fahey’s blog freewheels from politics to typography.

Rands in Repose. If you manage people or build technology products, you should be reading this blog by Apple’s Michael Lopp.

Magical Nihilism. The addition of Matt Jones (who will always be Matt “Blackbelt” Jones to us) to this blog has made it take off.

Core77. Is there another design blog that so totally dominates a design discipline like Core77 does industrial design? Probably not, but for good reason: it’s really good.

The End of Cyberspace. Interesting look at the next round of technology.

Cooper Journal. They just got started this year, but the Cooper-ites came out swinging with great posts about interaction design and team-building.

The Daily Heller by Steve Heller has a nice mix of design history and design topics of current interest.

Happy reading!