Touchscreen Stencils

Amazon has started to deliver copies of my new book Designing Gestural Interfaces and the book will supposedly be on shelves tomorrow. In honor of that, I’m releasing some drawings my friend Rachel Glaves did for the book, suitable for using in documentation. Especially useful for those of us who can’t draw well, the drawings are of hands performing common touchscreen gestures like tap, slide, point, drag, pinch, and spread.

OmniGraffle Stencil

Illustrator CS3

Photoshop File

Visio stencils courtesy of Zef Fugaz!

Fireworks PNG Stencils and SVG Stencils courtesy of Enrico Berti!

New! Axure versions, courtesy of Abhay Rautela at Cone Trees! Project File and Stencils for Widget LIbrary

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