February 2009 Kicker Press

“Talk to the Hand: Dan Saffer and Gestural Interfaces” in Core77. “Saffer recently left Adaptive Path to form Kicker Studio, in part because he and his partners “knew that so much of the next generation of technology—touchscreens, gestural interfaces, ubicomp, haptics—all required a tight integration between visual, industrial, and interaction design to make the best products,” he says. “One of the reasons we created Kicker was this sort of deep integration, so the partners come from various design disciplines: industrial, visual, and interaction. We work on next-generation devices with embedded technology: responsive objects or ‘things with screens’. Everything from consumer electronics to mobile devices to robots and interactive environments.”

“What Makes a Great Service,” a podcast by Lunar. “What makes a great service? How can designers influence the experience customers have with grocery stores, airlines and car rental agencies? Jennifer Bove of Kicker Studio and Ben Fullerton of IDEO talk with Lunar’s Gretchen Anderson about service design.”

“Interaction09: Behavior is the medium and the search for IxD rockstars” in Core77. “Dan Saffer’s talk dwelled more in the abstract, but drew roaring applause half a dozen times for crystallizing a few thoughts that have been coalescing in the collective consciousness of the IxD field for a while now. Namely, that the interaction designers should focus less on defining what they do; that simplicity has been over-emphasized to the point of fetish; that aesthetics do matter; and that IxD needs some rockstar designers of its own.”