Kicker Studio Press for March 2009

Canesta shows off gestural entertainment center, CrunchGear. “The TV of the Future Conference starts today in San Francisco and Canesta is sure to make a splash with the gestural entertainment center. Using a tiny camera that sits on top of your TV, you can control your entertainment center by simply waving your hand in various ways. Built by Kicker Studio using Canesta’s camera technology, the end result appears to work surprisingly well.”

Prototyping Canesta’s gesture-based television controls, Boing Boing Gadgets. “Design firm Kicker Studio did this case study for 3D sensor manufacturer Canesta, experimenting with ways to control home entertainment systems with motion-sensing cameras and gestures.”

Interface Design: Kicker Studio’s neato Gestural Entertainment Center, Core77. “Design consultancy Kicker Studio has designed a rather cool “Gestural Entertainment Center” for electronics company Canesta.”

Canesta Demos Gesture-Controlled TV, NewTeeVee. “If you know The Karate Kid, then you are well-equipped to control the TV of the future. Wax on, wax off. Sand the floor. These aren’t just good defenses against someone sweeping the leg, they’re also examples of the hand gestures you’ll someday use to change the channel on your television set.”

Tangible Tech at Kicker Studio, SF Appeal. “Local design hotspot Kicker Studio is home to many brilliant designers and makers, and most notably focuses on designs that feature embedded technology. They’ve had a fantastic blog running since last September that I’ve been following with much delight; even if you’re not a design nerd and just a tech nerd, it’s a great read.”