Of Panels and Parties: Kicker and Adaptive Path Events 3/19/09

Yes, we’ve been in business for months now, but we’re finally getting around to our launch party. But we’re not just having one event, we’re having THREE. All events are on Thursday, March 19, 2009, at the Kicker office at 427 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA, USA.

From 5:00-6:00 is a panel discussion on New Interactions: Touch, Tangibles, and Gestures featuring

Kicker’s own Dan Saffer will moderate. THE PANEL IS SOLD OUT. If you haven’t RSVPed, please don’t come until after 6:00.

From 6:00-10:00, we’re having the Kicker Launch Party and the opening of the Tangible Tech Exhibit, featuring work from artists

Tangible Tech is a collection of works that explore the ways we remix technology and materiality. Elegantly, crudely, remotely…but always in relation. RSVP on Upcoming.

But wait, there’s more! Our pals at Adaptive Path are hosting a panel called Seeing Tomorrow’s Services from 6-8. And they are only a block away, so it’s easy to get in a FOURTH event that night by heading there before, in the middle, or after our event. How do we do it???

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the launch of our studio during the worst economic climate in decades!