Kicker in the News April 2009

Crunchgear, Kicker Conference Phone aims to make conference calls suck less. “Although this is just a product concept, the Kicker Conference Phone looks like exactly the sort of innovation we need! The team clearly put a lot of time and effort into reducing the shortcomings of a conference phone, while simultaneously adding useful new features. The “nudge” feature is something that could really be a lifesaver!”

Wired Gadget Lab, Kicker Concept gives Conference Calls a Kick in the Pants. “Kicker is a concept phone for people who hate conference phones, and tries to bring a bit of the “web 2.0” to the old-school device. The iPod-alike box would be nothing more than a novelty were it not for some genuinely interesting features.”

Gadgetrends, Kicker Conference Phone Concept (Delicious). “Anyone who has worked in a corporate environment has one day laughed at the super-expensive conference phone that sucks *and* costs a bomb. Kicker Studio has been working on this concept to change this hard reality.”

Techchee, Touchscreen VOIP conference phone by Kicker.”We have here a great effort from Kicker Studio, a VOIP conference phone that is equipped with a touchscreen and addresses the major problems faced with traditional conference phones. Kicker’s touchscreen VOIP conference phone is still on the design stage at the moment, but the Kicker team has put in lots of effort for making its design highly usable and friendly to the users.”

Core77, The design process behind Kicker’s new conference phone.

Concept Phones, Kicker Conference Concept Phone Is Corporate, Sexy. “Tired of the same old expensive conference phones that are hard to operate and usually fail while performing the simplest of tasks? Here’s a better idea.”

VoIP Insider, One Slick Conference Phone. “Who said VoIP hardware was boring?”