Kicker Studio in the News July 2009

This month was all about a series of articles by Kicker principal Jennifer Bove, who was invited to write for Fast Company about the first year of our studio:

Starting a Design Studio In a Downturn, Part 1: Taking Leaps
“Our first day open, however, the Dow dropped over 500 points. It made the list of Time’s top 10 stock market meltdowns. Not a good day to open for business. It brought home the reality of the decisions we’d made. We were open for business, in the new, horrible economy.”

Starting a Design Studio In a Downturn, Part 2: The First 15 Weeks
“We came to understand that the massive downturn in the economy meant no one was spending money on anything, let alone a brand new company like Kicker. Sometimes there are more factors in play than a business plan can predict, and our plan was shot to hell. Timing is everything.”

Starting a Design Studio During a Downturn, Part 3: When There’s No There There
“We spent weeks teetering on a seesaw, so close to being overbooked while also being moments away from bankruptcy. At the start of each month we would look at the money coming in vs. the money owed and try to do magic math. If not for the one client we did have, for whom we were incredibly grateful, we might not have been able to keep our doors open. No one enjoyed the frequent conversations about how far we could last before we closed our doors.”

Starting a Design Studio During a Downturn, Part 4: Developing the Kicker Culture
“Around March, when it looked like the economy had gotten the best of us, we knew we needed to do something with a view to the future, or else call it quits. To create the possibility of a future, we needed a new Kicker project that we could talk about. If clients weren’t paying for work, we could at least design our own project to demonstrate our approach.”

Starting a Design Studio During a Downturn, Part 5: Staying Focused
“Although the recession has certainly taken its toll and kept us from doing what we’d planned, it’s also helped us do things we hadn’t expected. And those things may have helped us grow in important and unexpected ways.”

Jenn also wrote another article for Fast Company, “Yahoo Revamps Its Homepage, but Will Anyone Notice?”