Kicker in the News, December 2009

Is This What The Magazine of the Future Will Look Like?, The Guardian. “BERG’s design director Matt Jones, meanwhile, said that what they wanted to capture something of the comfort and warmth of the magazine format. “For the video concept we focused in on the reading experience, and creating something that echoed the attributes of traditional mags – so there are a bunch of things still to be explored,” he told me. “That’s in the next phase, where our friends at Kicker Studio in San Francisco are taking the vision further into interactive prototypes and more research. What was important for us to explore was whether it was possible to make something digital that you’d still want to curl up with.”

Bonnier and BERG reimagine e-mags with Mag+, Creativity. “Interaction design firm Kicker Studio in San Francisco will create a physical prototype of Mag+ in the next several months…Both design studios are focusing on both how and why people read magazines, as well as their editorial processes so translating content into digital formats won’t mean entirely new work flows or teams…”We’ll be taking a closer look at content and the other things in magazines as well, like advertising and shorter form content,” said Jennifer Bove, principal and cofounder of Kicker Studio. “There are lots of things that are important to readers about magazines.” For ads, Ms. Bove said Kicker is examining how Mag+ advertising can mesh norms from ads online, like interactivity, and in print, like placement and adjacency.”

Mag+ digital magazine reader concept headed to 2010 prototype, Slashgear. “BERG’s renders are incredible, really impressive…Excitingly, Kicker Studio are apparently working on translating the concept into a functional prototype in 2010.”