Mag+ Concept Video

Our colleagues Matt Jones and Jack Schulze at BERG have produced a concept video of a future digital magazine reading experience for Bonnier R&D. Kicker Studio is working with Bonnier to expand this concept into a robust, interactive prototype over the next several months.

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

From Bonnier:

The concept aims to capture the essence of magazine reading, which people have been enjoying for decades: an engaging and unique reading experience in which high-quality writing and stunning imagery build up immersive stories. The concept uses the power of digital media to create a rich and meaningful experience, while maintaining the relaxed and curated features of printed magazines. It has been designed for a world in which interactivity, abundant information and unlimited options could be perceived as intrusive and overwhelming.

Currently, Kicker Studio in the process of researching how and why people read magazines, and the structure and flow of print magazines in general, so that we can best translate the pace and flow of the overall magazine and individual articles into a digital framework that retains the best of the print magazine reading experience, while creating new paradigms for digital magazine (as opposed to books or blogs or pdf) reading. We’ve had interesting discussions with the Bonnier R&D and Popular Science teams about the future of magazines and the design principles we want to embody in the prototype.

More to come in 2010!