The Best Design Blogs of 2009

It’s that time of year when magazines and pundits start putting together their Best of Year lists. Amateur pundits that we are, we decided to do one for the blogs we liked.

Here was our criteria:

  • the blog had to be publishing for most of the year
  • the blog had to be regularly updated
  • the blog had to have information or critique we couldn’t get anywhere else
  • the blog couldn’t only obnoxiously plug products or a company

Without further ado, the list for 2009 (in no particular order):

Yanko Design. Concept projects, beautiful objects, provocative thinking.

Lovely Package. The title says it all. Beautiful package design.

Design Boom. Interviews, education, and a mix of art and architecture as well.

Product Design Hub. A valuable collection of inspiration and resources.

Johnny Holland. This unfortunately-named site has the best articles on interaction design, period.

Core77. Still the 900-pound-gorilla of industrial design. Nobody does it better. (Repeat winner!)

Touch User Interface. The best resources on touchscreens and gestural interfaces.

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