3x2x2: A New Method of Thumb Typing for Tablet Computers

Fast Company has an article 3 Ways the iPad Could Kill QWERTY. I find it unlikely that QWERTY as a typing construct is going to go away, as the system and the keyboards we know now have evolved over decades to its current refined state. See, for instance, this collection of early typewriter keyboards. However, I do think tablet PCs such as the iPad offer other possibilities for typing, especially given that typing using touchscreen keyboards as they currently are, well, sucks.

Two new typing configurations I’ve considered revolve around how we hold tablet PCs. Typically, unless you are using a stylus, a tablet is held with two hands, with thumbs on the front or side of the device, and your four remaining fingers on the back. It’s a natural, grasping gesture for humans. This leans me to think there there could be two possible new typing methods: one typing using your fingers on the back of the device by making use of ghost fingers, and another typing with just your thumbs using the screen on the front of the device.

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