What Separates Good Designers from Great Ones

Most of the design books you read, including my own, are about how to be a good, competent designer. They are about how to make strong, reasoned design decisions and about design methods and tools. But what they won’t—can’t—teach you is how to become a great designer.

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What Kicker Was Doing the Week Ending 2011-01-30

Wow: "Turn any web page into a wireframe in one click" http://j.mp/ghMtDg (via @newsycombinator @bobulate) # RT @userfocus A 1960s focus group said ATMs would be used only by "prostitutes & gamblers" http://bit.ly/fITHTn (via @boltron) # Exactly WHY Comic Sans sucks http://is.gd/mjarw8 # Bruce Sterling…

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New blog post: Eyes on the Road! Or why my car should NOT be a giant smartphone on wheels: http://t.co/O4Z8OJ3N6S4 hours ago