Great talks from Device Design Day!

Kicker Studio marked our 3rd Anniversary on August 8, 2011. To celebrate, we hosted the Second Annual Device Design Day at the San Francisco Art Institute, Jody’s alma matter. It was a great success thanks to inspiring speakers and involved attendees.

In order to continue the conversation about people, devices, design, and the future, we’ve asked the speakers to share their slides with you. We will continue to post them to our blog and to Device Design Day as they become available. We will also be posting videos from the event, so stay tuned.

Dan Saffer, co-founder and alum of Kicker Studio, got the day going with a talk about Design in the Post-PC Era.

Liz Bacon, Devise, presented Extrodinary Design Considerations for Medical Devices.


Charles Goran, TMobile, talked about Bringing the Sidekick Back.


Karen Kaushansky, Jawbone, discussed Designing Talking Devices.


And Kicker Co-Founder and Principal, Jody Medich talked about the importance of physical interface, and Making Technology Tactile.