Videos from Device Design Day 2011

Kicker Studio marked our 3rd Anniversary on August 8, 2011. To celebrate, we hosted the Second Annual Device Design Day at the San Francisco Art Institute, Jody’s alma matter. It was a great success thanks to inspiring speakers and involved attendees.

Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, we’ve posted videos of the talks for you to share and enjoy. And be sure to join us next year for our 3rd Device Design Day.


Liz Bacon, founder of Devise, talked about Extraordinary Design Considerations for Medical Devices.


Robert Brunner, Ammunition Group, talked about the importance of creating Ideas, Not Objects.


Charles Goran, T-Mobile, talked about Bringing the Sidekick Back.


Karen Kaushansky, Jawbone, talked about Designing Talking Devices.


Mike Kruzeniski, Windows Mobile, talked about the history of Graphic Design and the Elements of Interactive Style.


Branko Luckic, founder of NON-OBJECT, talked about a NON-OBJECT way of thinking of devices.


Jody Medich, co-founder of Kicker Studio, talked about Making Tech Tactile with a preview of Kicker’s Tactile Touchscreen Reader.


Dan Saffer, co-founder and alum of Kicker Studio, got the day going with a talk about Design in the Post-PC Era.


Cori Schauer, NASA, talked about the history of NASA’s Johnson Space Center’s Mission Control Center.


Leila Takayama, of Willow Garage, talked about Personal Robotic Devices.

We are unable to provide video of Leila’s talk at this time due to permission rights with research participants. However, she has provided us a copy of the slides which we are happy to share by request.