Not just another awards show: 2012 Interaction Awards

Over the past 18 months I’ve been moonlighting on Kicker.

My co-conspirator Raphael Grignani and I, with the help of several volunteers, designed, built and launched the Interaction Awards, as a way to recognize and celebrate the great work in our field.

IxDA’s Interaction Awards celebrated their first award winners in a swanky ceremony at the Lord Mayor’s House in Dublin, Ireland. As part of the Interaction12 conference, over 500 people attended the event to applaud 26 inaugural winners, experience the winning projects, and acknowledge the first portfolio of interaction design excellence recognized by the Interaction Design Association.

To mark the occasion, we produced a series of short films about interaction design, our deliberation process, and the winning work, directed by Christian Svanes Kolding, and filmed during the Interaction Awards’ Jury weekend in NYC last November.

Co-creating and running an awards competition and its culminating ceremony is a consuming and exhilarating experience that serves as a humble reminder of why I got involved in this field. Our journey through that process is a story for another time. For now, enjoy these videos that will hopefully whet your appetite for my future ruminations. . .

On defining interaction design:

On our inaugural jury:

On our deliberation process:

On what interaction design aspires to:

See more videos profiling the top award winners, and photos from the Awards Ceremony, and see all of the winning projects on the Interaction Awards Winners site. read juror Helen Walter’s wrap up of the awards on Fast Company.