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Six Questions: Tanya Vlach

Our fourth installment of Six Questions with Device Design Day speakers features artist Tanya Vlach. Tanya Vlach, interactive artist, writer, and producer, is constantly finding new ways to crawl outside of the box and is currently in development on organizing an engineering team to build a miniature recording…

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How To Talk About Your Work When You Can’t Talk About Your Work

As a small studio, we are lucky to be able to do really interesting projects for high-profile clients. Often the most exciting work do for our clients falls under a non-disclosure agreement, meaning we cannot publicize the work or talk about our involvement. That’s okay…

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Six Questions: Matt Powers

Our third installment of Six Questions with Device Design Day speakers features Matt Powers, Senior Robotics Specialist at National Robotics Engineering Center. Matt is interested in how robots and intelligent machines can solve real human problems and work with people to accomplish complex tasks. At Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics…

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Six Questions: Chris Noessel & Stefan Klocek

The next installment of Six Questions with Device Design Day speakers features Chris Noessel and Stefan Klocek, who will be co-presenting at this year’s conference. In his day job as a Managing Director at Cooper, Chris Noessel manages teams and designers for products, services, and strategy…

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Predicting the Future in 6 Easy Steps

The number one objective of every design project is to predict the future. That is what we do as designers – we design the next: app, tool, product, invitation, logo, and more. Even if we are referencing a bygone era in our design, we are…

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Six Questions: Tom Chi

Introducing Device Design Day 2012’s speakers! This year we asked them a version of Jennifer Bove’s Six Questions. First up, we want you to meet Tom Chi, Experience Lead at Google X. Tom Chi has worked in a wide range of disciplines from astrophysical research…

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New blog post: Eyes on the Road! Or why my car should NOT be a giant smartphone on wheels: hours ago