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Things we’re kicking around: content across multiple devices

As you may have guessed from our survey the other day, we’re thinking about how people consume content on individual devices and in an ecosystem of devices for an OEM in Silcon Valley. Conquering a single device is much easier than the ecosystem, both for…

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Why Technologists and Designers Should Be BFFs

Technologists and engineers develop amazing new possibilities. But if no one understands how or why to use the technology that brings these possibilities to life, the technology is essentially useless.  It is an unfortunate dilemma. Sure, the technology is great. Sure, it is unique. Why…

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Things we’re kicking around: prototyping a digital experience with analog tools

Kicker is helping a big player in Silicon Valley design an intuitive wearable device. We envisioned a solution that everyone loved in theory, but no one could imagine how it would work in practice. We needed something the team could hold in their hands and…

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New blog post: Eyes on the Road! Or why my car should NOT be a giant smartphone on wheels: hours ago