Announcing… Kicker 3.0

Kicker 3.0: Germination and Transition – Spring 2013

Do you guys have a bunch of trumpets handy? Great, because Kicker’s bursting with jubilation! (Ok, here’s where you should start trumpeting.) Please welcome our very own Jody Medich to the position of CEO. We’ve been under her creative leadership for several years, but now she’ll be positively at the helm. Keep an eye out for her mighty super powers to launch Kicker ever deeper into the creative oceans of artisan design, NUI, and R&D.

Jennifer Bove, our former Managing Director has stepped down and relocated to New York to join forces with GE, which will allow her to be closer to family and grow her own. She has just a couple more weeks till the due date of her first child! Jennifer will continue to act as an advisor to Kicker for the foreseeable future or until we stop pinging her with questions, which will basically be never, because she’s awesome.

Speaking of awesome, we’ve got some talented new Kickers to celebrate this Spring. Tej Datta has joined the team as our ever so sophisticated Client Relations Manager, Wendy Rolón is our smart & sassy Writer, Susan George has been enlisted as our Outstanding Operations Manager, and Jen Colasuonno is diving into the deep end as our Heroic Project Manager.

Julie McPherson, our studio manager has moved on and will soon be embracing the wonderful world of motherhood. Good luck Julie! We’ll miss you.

As if all this amazingness wasn’t enough, well there’s more. Kicker has a new office. It’s on Townsend, in a gorgeous building full of exposed brick and ceiling beams, and the whole place is just seething with genius. You can practically hear the walls crackling with the electricity of new and amazing ideas all around. We love it. Come kick it with us: 350 Townsend Street, Suite 409A.

On the project germination front, we’re working on some exceptionally interesting stuff at the studio right now, like a text input device for Google Glass, the creation of a new tablet interface, and using everything from emotion detection to gesture-based technology.

By now we know you’re just swooning from all the excitement and we don’t blame you. Take deep breaths; it will help you absorb all this greatness we’re dishing out. Oh, and there’s one more thing you should do. Go visit the Kicker website. It’s all re-designed and gorgeous and better than ever.

Kicker 3.0 is looking forward to another incredible year.