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Eyes on the Road!

Cars and smart phones do not mix, at least not well. According to the Official US Government Website for Distracted Driving (yes, it’s that bad), thousands of people are killed each year in accidents involving a distracted driver, and the numbers are steadily climbing. There…

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How to Uglify a City

My hometown San Francisco is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tourism accounts for a substantial portion of the city’s revenue, and I have to believe the city’s aesthetics have a lot to do with why people come here. Imagine my surprise, then, on a beautiful day yesterday, to discover this is what the city seems to be installing as red light cameras.

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Interaction as a Material

Here are the slides from a keynote I gave at the 2008 Event Design Summit called Interaction as a Material.

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Cute Overload: Double-Taker (Snout) Project

I just discovered my old professor Golan Levin had a new project this year, nicknamed Snout.

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Notes from IxDA-SF’s “Breathing Life into Buildings”

Tom and I went last week to go see “Breathing Life into Buildings: Interaction Design for Physical Spaces” hosted by the San Francisco chapter of the Interaction Design Association.

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New blog post: Eyes on the Road! Or why my car should NOT be a giant smartphone on wheels: hours ago