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What American Designers Can Do to Help the US Economy

The US economy is in the toilet and everyone who doesn’t work in the stock market or in government is either stuffing money into their mattress or simply watching the market freefall with jaw dropped. What is a designer to do?

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On Drawing

Earlier this week I attended a talk at Adaptive Path by Dan Roam. It’s not surprising that the author of “The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures” would be pretty handy with a pen, but the talk provoked more thought than I anticipated.

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Henry Dreyfuss: The Godfather of Inside-Out Design

When we were first talking about what the philosophy was behind how Kicker would design products, one of the terms we came up with was Inside-Out Design. Meaning that we care as much about how the product works as we do about how it looks or feels.

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Creating Products, Not Experiences

Although Kicker does some of the activities that in a lot of circles would be called “User Experience” or “Experience Design,” it’s my feeling that experiences can’t really be designed. You can only provide the resources for people to have an experience; then it’s the…

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