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Web 3.0: The Rise of the Machines

The next web is all about the machines: hooking up our until-now “dumb” devices to the network and to each other. The next web will be one of placing humans in context with their objects and visa versa.

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Logobama: Inclusive Brand

I came across this site after reading The Daily Heller this morning. I love this. It’s a side project done by Substance, out of Portland, OR.

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WiFi Coming to a Device Near You

Research firm In-Stat predicts that shipments of consumer electronics with WiFi will reach 1 billion by 2012.

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Designing Products in an Open Source World

My friend and former colleague Brandon Schauer tipped me off to the Open Prosthetics Project. It’s a really fascinating glimpse into the future of product design, when the values of “Web 2.0” (transparency, community participation, hackability, the sharing of data) permeate fully into the world of physical objects.

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