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Kicker Tea Project: Introduction

As consultants who specialize in new technology, a lot of our work is under NDA, so every once in a while, we do a project just for ourselves, to strut. (Last year it was the Kicker Conference Phone.) This time, we wanted to design a product for the home and we focused on an activity many of us enjoy: tea drinking.

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Mag+ Concept Video

Our colleagues Matt Jones and Jack Schulze at BERG have produced concept videos of a future digital magazine reading device for Bonnier R&D. Kicker Studio is working on expanding their concepts into a robust, interactive prototype over the next several months.

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Projects in Process: SVA IxD Dept. Installation, Scoping

Last week, we presented our top five concepts to our clients at SVA (you can sneak a peek at the thumbnail sketches). The concepts ranged from manipulating 3D objects to ambient hanging objects that projected images to monitors that viewed invisible objects.

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Projects in Process: SVA IxD Dept. Installation, Brainstorming

We’ve been brainstorming (and thinking about possible product metaphors) for the last several days to come up with concepts that meet the project requirements, including the important one that this installation not be just a slideshow of student work. One technique we’ve used was to brainstorm around objects that you might find in hallways.

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Projects in Process: SVA Interaction Design Department Installation, Day 1

We started a new project for the School of Visual Arts department for interaction design. They’ve graciously allowed us to blog our project together as part of our Projects in Process series.

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