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Announcing… Kicker 3.0

Kicker 3.0: Germination and Transition – Spring 2013 Do you guys have a bunch of trumpets handy? Great, because Kicker’s bursting with jubilation! (Ok, here’s where you should start trumpeting.) Please welcome our very own Jody Medich to the position of CEO. We’ve been under…

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Screens Make Me Sick

Screens make me sick. Like, literally sick. I get very bad motion sickness. I can’t use technology in any moving vehicle, not even on a train. Every time I get on BART, I get really jealous that everyone else is able to retreat into their…

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pan.el (noun): a group of persons gathered to conduct a public discussion

A Discussion on Multimodal Interactions At this year’s D3 conference, participants selected one of three afternoon tracks, designed to deepen the conversation around natural user interface. There were two panel discussions, in addition to a workshop on prototyping natural interactions. One panel was called “Designing…

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The Behavior of Magazines

Recently, I read an article by Khoi Vinh, entitled iPad Magazines Go to ’11, expounding on the failure of digital magazines. He suggested the problem is in the glossy presentation layer of the content. Let’s not be duped into this, again. People love “glossy”. It’s…

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We’ve Moved!

Our studio moved around the corner to 300 Brannan Street, Suite 207.

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New blog post: Eyes on the Road! Or why my car should NOT be a giant smartphone on wheels: hours ago