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At Kicker, our main goal is to puzzle out the most effective, seamless and people-centric design for our products. We research a project from multiple perspectives to understand its limitations, and focus on real world solutions to transcend its existing conventional design. As design experts we see lots of outside trends, and many different inspiration points. We bring this inspiration and creativity to our design process:

    We look at the problem from multiple perspectives: business, neuroscience, art, real-world, analog, and a variety of emerging technologies.
    We develop principles that outline solutions from the user’s point of view.
    We use the principles to envision a brand spanking new concept.
    We design from multiple viewpoints – Interaction, Sensory and Physical Design.
    The surest way to learn fast is to prototype and test it out.
    We polish up any blips found through the prototype phase. Then we wrap up the project and package it for delivery. This often includes everything from Style Guides to Engineering Specs, or whatever materials your product needs.
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